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Serendipity and the Prepared Mind: An NHLBI Intramural Researcher’s Breakthrough Observations

Audio File Gary H. Gibbons - December 24, 2013

Dr. Warren Leonard, chief of the Laboratory of Molecular Immunology and director of the Immunology Center at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, studied the basic aspects of the interleukin-2 receptor. This research into IL-2 led he and his team  to the realization that mutations of the gamma chain of the receptor resulted in X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency in humans, aka, the Bubble Boy Disease. Read full message

Epidemiologist Immerses Himself in Big Data as He Studies the Link Between HIV and Cardiovascular Disease

Audio File Gary H. Gibbons - December 9, 2013

As web-surfing consumers, we know that potentially every online search or purchase is being tracked, mined and analyzed as ‘big data’ that retailers use to optimize and customize their marketing pitch to us. As physicians, we gather information about our patients all the time, at every visit. And like major online retailers, we should be learning something about our patients from all of the information we gather, gleaning insights into how to better treat not only that particular patient, but all patients. However, many would argue that not only are we doing an inadequate job at capturing that information, but also at mining the information we do gather to improve care. Read full message

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